“Thank you for recommending the Athletic Performance IV; I feel fantastic!! I was very sore in my hamstrings, but immediately after the IV I felt better. Soreness – gone! And as an added benefit, I felt very alert and had tons of energy for the rest of the day. I recommend this IV treatment for anyone pushing themselves athletically or when you’ve overdone it and are simply too sore.”

“I was told by a friend to try IV vitamin therapy to relieve chronic fatigue, dermatitis and to detox my liver after exposure to mold and pesticide toxins. After weekly Immunity Boost IV’s, with glutathione pushes, my energy has increased by at least 70 percent, my skin has dramatically improved and my overall health and mental state are much better. Christy is so sweet and makes every visit a pleasure. I’m so happy I found Belcara Health and will pass on the recommendation to all my friends and family!”

“What a pleasant experience at Belcara Health! My husband and I see Christy every 2 weeks for our IV drips. We are both health conscious and, since we are not getting any younger, decided that we should do some preventative antioxidant treatments. Christy is very kind and professional. The actual IV is surprisingly comfortable and we feel great afterward!! We highly recommend IV Therapy at Belcara Health.”

“I absolutely love Belcara Health. The staff is super, especially Christy, who is exceptionally gentle with needles (thank goodness!). I fly often and having the IV drip saves me from dehydration and jet lag while traveling. So happy I found Belcara Health – changed my life!”

“I highly recommend Belcara Health. The office is really clean and comfortable, and the staff is friendly and extremely professional. I’ve been getting IV Therapy for years now, at many different places and Belcara Health is by far the best place yet. I’m a huge believer in the benefits of IV Therapy, especially with glutathione boosts. It gives you all your vitamins, more energy, glowing skin and helps to combat free radicals. I consider IV drips a must and I’m so happy to have found such a lovely place to get it.”

“I’m so glad I decided to get IV Therapy! I did the Beauty drip with extra glutathione. I felt great and plan to continue treatments once a month. I also tried the Vitamin B shot and definitely noticed a difference in my energy level. Highly recommend!”

“Christy was phenomenal! Very nurturing, professional and patient with me, which I really appreciate because I don’t do well with needles! Robin, the receptionist, was excellent too. My sister and I were running late, and everyone tried their best to accommodate us. I was so pleased with my experience that I’ve decided to give Belcara Health gift certificates to all my friends.”

“Belcara is awesome. The atmosphere is so inviting and relaxing; a perfect place to go feel better. The nurse was incredibly kind and gentle. She calmed my nerves instantly! I highly recommend IV Therapy at Belcara if you have a hangover and need to bounce back if you’re preparing for a marathon or race to get your body ready for optimal performance, or if you’re recovering from the flu and just need nutrients back in your system. I am definitely going to become a regular client.”

“Great experience, great atmosphere, great medical staff – and I feel great!! Will definitely be back.”

“If anyone is hesitant to try this because of a fear of needles, I promise, from one “needlephobic” to another, that it was completely painless. The calming atmosphere and the lovely nurse’s expertise helped a lot too. Once the IV was in, I got cozy with a fuzzy blanket in a fantastic reclining massage chair. During the IV, I could actually feel myself getting more energy, more balanced and alert. Overall, I LOVED everything about my experience at Belcara Health and would recommend it to anyone!”

“Belcara is top notch! Very cool experience, I did the Myers IV which made me feel great & refreshed! The nurses are so nice and welcoming!! They made me feel very relaxed and were also very informative. I highly recommend this place, it’s a MUST!”

“I have issues with chronic pain and fatigue. My weekly IV’s have contributed to me feeling so much better. The whole process is relaxing and the staff makes sure that you are comfortable and have everything that you need.”

“I highly recommend Belcara Healthl! The place is beautiful and very relaxing. After a night of drinking their hangover cure really cured me!! The nurse made me feel so comfortable and you could tell was very professional. So glad they offer IV now and so glad I live close by because I’m going to be here frequently.”